Metal Guidelines

  • New production scrap aluminum
  • Cast Aluminum (produced by casting when made, most fittings are cast, auto cast aluminum, etc – no more than 2% steel)
  • Irony Aluminum (50% iron and 50% aluminum, lawn mower motors, possible lawn chairs, motor parts, etc)
  • Slightly Irony Aluminum (10% maximum iron)
1 Busheling (clean new steel left over from production processes, can be galvanized or painted)
Appliance Tin (whole appliances, any auto parts with foam, insulation, plastic, shreddable)
Appliance/Unprepared (equal mix of appliance tin and unprepared steel)
Appliance/Unprepared 3 (1/3 appliance tin and 2/3 unprepared steel)
Car motors (no fluids)
Cars (no battery, no fluids, no CFCs or Freon, no tires, no trash or concrete – gas tank must be off car with holes in it – can be in trunk or back seat)
Cast Iron (cast iron lawn furniture, auto cast iron parts, clean motor blocks with no pistons or crankshafts, bathtubs, sinks, radiators, pipe, etc.)
Sealed units (compressors, no oil, no Freon)
Electric Motors (free of attachments)
GBX (Galvanized Steel flexible conduit with #1 insulated copper wire)
Plate and Structural (up to 5′ long by 18″ wide, angle iron, I-Beams, H-Beams, channel, steel plates)
Prepared steel (less than 3 foot long, 18″ wide, can be any thickness)
Prepared/Cast Iron (equal mix of cast iron and prepared steel)
Torchable Steel (over 3/8″ thick and requires lot of torch labor – can’t be sheared)
Whole Transmissions (no fluids, alum motor blocks)
Unprepared Steel (more than 3 ft long or 18″ wide)
Unprepared Steel/Cast Iron (equal parts unprepared steel and cast iron)
Unprepared Steel/Prepared Steel (equal parts unprepared steel and prepared steel)